Our suppliers are small companies or individual artisans, who do not produce... 

Who we are

L'Arcolaio was born in Pisa in the distant 1969 as one of the first ethnic jewelry shops in Italy. Since then, through the various owners that have succeeded one another, it has changed its face but not its soul. It was and remains a container of beauty and research. Since 2009, the Livorno space has been added and thanks to Instagram and this site, from today, also a virtual space. A new showcase in which you will see our continuous search for Bijoux and accessories from all over the world. A selection of brands and artisans united by the very high quality level of their products and the uniqueness of their vision. There is no target audience, no ideal customer, no favorite material. Our choice can fall on jewels made with typical Indian handcrafted embroidery as on accessories made of Plexiglas with the most modern design and production techniques. The only common thread that unites these apparently so distant and disparate realities is our love for quality and beauty , free from the fashions and trends of the moment.

Our shop

  • Elena

    The huntress.
    Every single piece presented here is the result of his constant research, an unbridled passion for accessories and twenty years of experience in this field!
    He is able to recognize the brand of a bijoux at first glance and to identify the perfect one for you in a few minutes!

  • In

    The young draft.

    Digital caregiver of us poor boomers, in charge of online sales and a hundred other quarrels that we would never be able to deal with.
    This site is his work and he replies to your every email, so ...

    Don't call her Elena!

  • Monia

    The undisputed queen of the physical store.

    Warehouse keeper, sachet organizer, carefully packs your every order.
    Woman with impeccable combinations and a silky blonde bob that everyone envies!

Where we are

Via Ricasoli 48, Livorno, Italy


16.00 - 19.30


10:00 - 13.00 / 16.00 - 19.30

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